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vasca bali per anziani e disabili

Bali bath tub with door, design and comfort for your bathroom

We heard a few days ago the testimony of Giovanna Giardino, which with its jetted Bali door is a small corner of wellbeing was created within its own bathroom … but what are the characteristics of this tub? What makes it so special? Let’s find out. Like all tubs with side door Line Oceano, Bali […]

non dipendo dagli altri in bagno

Bali bathtub: “I don’t depend on others anymore and I feel that I’m in a spa”

How does life change for those who decide to install in their bathroom a bathub with a door? To answer this question Ocean line as decided to ask some of it’s clients their opinion of the product in daily use. One such person is Giovanna Giardino, she lives in Milan. With the Bali bathtub installed […]


What do I chose a tub with a door or a shower unit? Here are some valid points for the choice of a tub.

When the problem anises for an elderly person or a disabled person to have a easy access to a bathtub one may think that the best solution is to give up the idea of a bathtub altogether and to choose our a shower unit instead. Can one be sure that this choice is the right […]

linea oceano

Linea Oceano bathtubs with side doors for the aged and disabled, sanitary aids and bathtub accessories for body care and hygiene.

The care and aid to the elderly and the disabled to ensure their correct personal hygiene is a problem which falls on their families or the social workers who assist them. For this reason often this aspect of life is neglected, denying the dignity and respect of those persons who already find themselves in discomfort. […]

sicurezza e prevenzione

Security and prevention of accidents within the home

Often it is thought that the home is a secure place. Where one can find warmth and refuge, it is therefore difficult to admit that the major part of accidents occur within home walls. At home security and prevention are very important indeed, above all when elderly or disable persons are present. It must be […]

benessere e sicurezza

Wellbeing and safety in daily life with the sanitary aids of Linea Oceano

Notwithstanding that our houses are equipped with all kinds of comfort, the quality of the habitat system is still of a low level. When one becomes old or if one is disabled very often one is used to behaving in a certain way and continues with this attitude to life not thinking that with the […]

spot pubblicitario vendita vasche disabili milano

Did you know that…

The most dangerous room in the house is the bathroom, abrasions, fractures, sprains and breakings are the most common results of those who fall in the bathroom. The bathtub with wet feet, when it’s time to get out is particularly dangerous as one easily slip on the floor, also in the shower and near the […]