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Vasca da bagno con seduta

Docce per disabili

L’alternativa più comoda ai box per doccia sono le vasche per sportello. Quelle di Linea Oceano sono appositamente studiate per i disabili.

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Law 13/89: should provide state contributions

Law no 13/89 should provide state contributions for the removal of architectural barriers in the home but these contributions have disappeared in time in spite of public requests. The regions who, up till now have contributed have had to stop contributing too. Those who are disabled with barriers in their homes have to pay for […]

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What do I chose a tub with a door or a shower unit? Here are some valid points for the choice of a tub.

When the problem anises for an elderly person or a disabled person to have a easy access to a bathtub one may think that the best solution is to give up the idea of a bathtub altogether and to choose our a shower unit instead. Can one be sure that this choice is the right […]

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Linea Oceano and the world of disability: bathtub with wide side doors for the aged, the disabled and not only!

When one thinks of old people and the disabled, the first thing that comes to mind is, persons with difficulty of movement caused by various motives: 1. Sensorial disability ( persons with limited sight or hearing, partial or total) 2. Psychic disability ( persons with difficulty in relating or communicating with other people) 3. Psychic- […]

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Linea Oceano: aid, contributions and instrumental support for the families who live and assist elderly and disabled people.

As always families who assist the elderly and the disabled live in difficult situations, not only economically but facing particularly needs and limitations, which means sacrificing their own family life. The aid and continual assistance of an elderly person with health problems and limited movement within a family circle means that it is the family […]

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Concessions and contributions for the removal of architectural barriers. Here is how to obtain them for the instalment of an Ocean line bathtub for the elderly and the disabled.

The law n. 13 1989 has been fundamental in introducing the discounts and contributions towards the elimination of architectural barriers in private buildings. The law consents the request for economic contributions for the necessary reconstruction and building in the homes where the elderly or disabled live, wether they have a motory handicap or blindness. Bathtubs […]

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On our part

On our part, in spite of this period of economic crisis ,for disabled people it is possible to obtain interesting contributions for the removal of architectural barriers in private structures. The law n.13 of 1989 is the principle legal instrument used against all forms of architectural barriers in Italy. The said law concedes in fact, […]