Linea Oceano bathtubs with side doors for the aged and disabled, sanitary aids and bathtub accessories for body care and hygiene.


The care and aid to the elderly and the disabled to ensure their correct personal hygiene is a problem which falls on their families or the social workers who assist them. For this reason often this aspect of life is neglected, denying the dignity and respect of those persons who already find themselves in discomfort.
If the elderly and disabled have difficulty in routine movement, it becomes tiring to conclude the daily routine of hygiene if only for the real impossibility of relatives and social workers to mobilize their assisted.

In the majority of cases the difficulties of movement for the elderly or the disabled are a real setback to carrying out the task of personal hygiene; unless useful strategies are provided to arrive at the independence of the person assisted and for his physical and mental well being. For example:

• Personal considerations regarding the real necessities for the well being and hygiene of the elderly and the disabled;
• The use of models of assistance to the elderly and disabled in accordance with each singular case;
• A specific knowledge of sanitary aids and instruments of support which favour the safety and the independence of the disabled and the elderly.

If the persons who assist and care fore the elderly and the disabled do not have the qualifications to do so and do not have at their disposal aids and instruments to support them, it can become very difficult indeed to ensure that persons with mobile disabilities follow a correct personal hygiene routine.

It can infact , be very difficult just to transport the elderly or disabled person to the bathroom and to help them enter into the bathtub risking that the person assisted slips while trying to climb into the bathtub, fall and only worsening an already critical situation.

It is also, not at all easy for social workers or the family to physically bear the weight of an elderly or disabled person afflicted with motory handicaps and, at the same time, help them to wash themselves.

It must be said that one should also consider the important aspect when one deals with personal hygiene, many elderly and disabled people do not want to be assisted in order to feel free and independent, not with standing the fact that they have serious difficulties and cannot complete their personal hygiene alone.

It is just this situation that Ocean line comes to the fore a company, born to come forward in providing for the need to be independent of the elderly and disabled persons, the bathtubs with the side door proposed by Ocean Line are the ideal solutions for the well being care and hygiene of the elderly and the disabled.
Quality and strength, above all attention to detail and distinction of project are the main attributes behind ocean line bathtubs expressly studied to favour the independence of all those with difficulties of movement.

The door which opens towards the exterior for example enables one, to comfortably enter the bathtub without any obstacles, the rounded borders and absence of sharp/corners avoid accidents or wounds, the comfortable seating is of an ideal height to favour the entrance into the tub in complete independence even to the disabled in a wheelchair and the central niche in the seat allows the bather to complete his intimate hygiene in complete comfort. All the baths are equipped with a security lever on the exterior of the tub to avoid any accidental opening of the door and permits those who assist the elderly and the disabled in their body care and hygiene to easily open the bathtub when necessary. As the Ocean line tubs are destined to the care and personal hygiene of the elderly and the disabled they are manufactured with first class materials, particularly strong and resistant to knocks and usage.

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Linea Oceano proposes as well, a series of accessories and sanitary aids to furnish the bathtub of the elderly and the disabled and to favour the easy access to the tub, in complete safety.

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Linea Oceano: assistance, wellbeing, body care, of the elderly and disabled at 360°!

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