Linea Oceano and the world of disability: bathtub with wide side doors for the aged, the disabled and not only!


When one thinks of old people and the disabled, the first thing that comes to mind is, persons with difficulty of movement caused by various motives:

1. Sensorial disability ( persons with limited sight or hearing, partial or total)
2. Psychic disability ( persons with difficulty in relating or communicating with other people)
3. Psychic- functional disability ( Persons with difficulty in movement and normal, every day living)

The first two types of disability lead definitely to invalidity of the person and require a tremendous strain on the part of both the invalid and those who assist and try to impart as much independence possible to live a dignified existence.

The aged and disabled physically are those who are the most isolated by their problems as, they are house bound in bed or in a wheel chair.

This type of disability covens more than 2% of the population above six years old and more than 22% of the population over 80 years of age.

A physical handicap can be temporary or permanent .in either case .the individual needs of persons with difficulty of movement or walking have to be faced:

To do things in one’s own time:
To need help to move around or overcome architectural barriers
The necessity of aids, supports and props for moving around.
To need help with the most elementary daily needs (example personal hygiene)

Often it is forgotten that within one’s very home the elderly and disabled should find security and comfort, very often the greatest difficulty for them lies in the simplest of daily necessities .such as feeding of washing themselves.

With a view to help and support all those with motory problems, Ocean line has taken part in important studies of the illnesses that come with old age or those that bring about invalidity in order to manufacture sanity products adapted to their special needs.

In the last years medical research has observed that there are many more people involved than is publically know with difficulty of movement and suffering from such illnesses as Parkinson’s disease, spina bifida, Sla or multiple sclerosis.

These illnesses are particularly invalidating , limiting the independence and self sufficiency of those involved.

The bathtubs for elderly and disabled with the side door of Ocean line have been developed with the idea of providing a valid instrument for these particular persons enabling them ,to once more enjoy having a bath in perfect security.

The tubs are infact supplied with an outwards opening of the door, non slip base and with no sharp edges to avoid any possible abrasions or bruises should the bather accidentally knock against any part of the tub.

Each model is produced with forms and dimensions specifically adaptable to a particular need of pathology.

Ocean line puts above all the person and his or her needs and will gladly suggest the ideal bathtub model when ordering.

Ocean line tubs are not exclusive to the elderly or disabled often , overweight or diabetes will cause sight problems or movement of the limbs which can refrain from enjoying a relaxing bath.
A young person after an accident or fall may need aid to overcome a temporary stop to his or her independence.

For these reasons Ocean line has produced a specific line of bathtubs of various form and dimensions:

– Bathtubs with wider seating for overweight persons, as well as the elderly and disabled.

– Bathtubs with opening lever and seating, the same height as a wheel chair , to favour the entrance into the tub for those paralized below the waist.

– Bathtubs with side door of a refined style for those without particular problems but who desire commodity and comfort while in their bath.

Ocean line bathtubs for everyone not only for the elderly or disabled.

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