Concessions and contributions for the removal of architectural barriers. Here is how to obtain them for the instalment of an Ocean line bathtub for the elderly and the disabled.


The law n. 13 1989 has been fundamental in introducing the discounts and contributions towards the elimination of architectural barriers in private buildings. The law consents the request for economic contributions for the necessary reconstruction and building in the homes where the elderly or disabled live, wether they have a motory handicap or blindness.
Bathtubs for the disabled are one of the products that are included in the sanitary aids covered by these contribution for their purchase.

Ocean line which is always very concerned about the needs of those persons with physical problems, manufacture bathtubs for the elderly and the disabled ,approved by the Italian paraplegic association.

The Ocean line bathtubs for the disabled are supplied with a side door that opens outwards, the dimensions varying from 70 cm to 85 cm and with an opening of 180° which consents disabled persons in a wheelchair to enter the tub with case, without help and with security. The lever which opens and closes the door is found on the outside of the door, it has a blockage system which renders the operation of opening and closing secure and once inside the tub the elderly or disabled person can move freely without impediments.

Ocean line bathtubs are acknowledged as important, supporting sanitary, aids, as they have all the characteristics. essential for the security and self sufficiency of persons with handicap, such as the incorporated seating of the correct height to enable those persons in wheelchairs to enter directly into the bath plus the handles which ease the entrance and exit from the tub.

The instalment of Ocean Line bathtubs fall within the category of those operations which consent the request for contributions where architectural barriers must be removed either in private property or the residence of a disabled person ( either the person’s home or residence or Institute for the elderly or disabled) as the tubs respect the protocol in reference to the contribution characteristics that sanitary aids should quality for ,as well as the cost of purchase which is congruent with that indicated by the Chamber of Commerce.

The persons who have precedence in obtaining contributions for the bathtubs are those who possess the medical certificate which declares a state of total invalidity o real difficulty of movement issued By the local National Health office dealing with invalidity.

Elderly or disabled persons who wish to benefit from the discount of costs for the removal of architectural barriers must forward their request to the Mayor of the town where they reside.

The guide which simplifies the procedure for the removal of architectural barriers indicates that the documents to present to obtain the grant for fiscal contributions are:

A medical certificate where the type of disability of the person is declared, with an indication of the pathology, the grade of difficulty in movement caused by the said pathology and the eventual permanent limitations of the body functions.

The local National Health office certificate which in the case of a total disability certifies the real difficulty of movement.

A clear description of the necessary building work to be effected to cover the needs of the elderly or disabled persons. A certificate drawn up by the person interested in gaining the economic contribution where he or she declares that the residence where the building work is to be done are the actual living quarters of the said person and the report given for the barriers to be removed are
in the actual living quarters of the person requesting the contribution.

It must be remembered that when requesting the contributions grant for the elimination of barriers and tax concession building work must not have already taken place, as the concessions for removal of architectural barriers apply, only when the work involved is begun, after the necessary
Request has been made.

From the first contact between Ocean line and those persons who are interested in the purchase of a bathtub for disabled and elderly, care is taken of the client, above all, those with difficulty in daily life. The company commits itself to supply a quality product and service which excels in order to cover the various needs of the customer and above all prices in line with those quoted by the law which covers the contributions for the removal of architectural barriers.

After the request has been made, the town hall will ascertain the validity of the request verifying that the person is qualified to receive the benefits requested, that the building work has not been already done and the amount of the cost is in accordance with an estimate for the work’s cost. All this burocracy is time consuming, certificates to prepare and much documentation to present to one office or another, often difficult, to reach for an elderly or disabled person.

We all know how difficult it is to follow through beaurocratic paperwork just to obtain the contributions for the removal of architectural barriers evermore so for an elderly of disabled person.
On buying a bathtub, Ocean Line will collect all the necessary documentation, forward the request for the tax concessions for the purchase of a bathtub for the disabled and handle all the paperwork involved without extra cost to the client and making everything that much simpler.

If one has all the qualifications to obtain the contributions and concessions regarding the architectural barriers as declared by the law 13 of 1989, as well as a reduction of the Iva tax ,one can also have an Ocean line bathtub for the elderly and the disabled at half price!

Once an on the spot inspection of the premises has been made should one decide to purchase a bathtub for the elderly or disabled by Ocean Line, all that remains is for one to enjoy a relaxing bath in comfort and security because all the paperwork to obtain the tax concessions for the purchase will be done by Ocean Line.

The law mentioned passed on the 9th of January 1989 and bears the number 13.

Provisions to favour the elimination of architectural barriers in private structures are (published in the official gazette of the 26th January 1989 article n.21).


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