Walk in Bath Tubs for Elderly and Disabled

Linea Oceano bath tubs with door: all the freedom of a safe bathroom comfort and independence, for the elderly and disabilities people.

vasca itaca

Itaca bathtub

It is of small dimensions but high quality standards.
vasca tonga

Tonga bathtub

Tonga is the smallest of the Ocean line bathtubs.
vasca samoa

Samoa bathtub

Small in dimensions but great for security.
Vasca per anziani rodi

Rodi bathtub

Large internal dimension for a big one inner security
vasca con sportello bali

Bali bathtub

An angular bathtub which adapts to all types of bathrooms.
vasca capri

Capri bathtub

This bathtub has an elegant line that fits in with all styles of bathrooms.
vasca con porta antigua

Antigua bathtub

A bathtub of soft design supplied with an easy accessible side opening.

Features and options

The comfort and safety of the bath tubs with door

Linea Oceano

Large chairs, slightly tilted backwards, recesses for intimate hygiene, safety handles and more.