Samoa bathtub

Small in dimensions but great for security.

Bath designed for people with particular disabilities.

Small in dimensions but great for security, this model comes with an ample door, with high standards of comfort and a modern design, Samoa occupies very little room making it possible for its instalment in even the smallest bathrooms.

Technical data

  • Dimensions

    cm 110 x 69

  • Material

    Hand stratified fiberglass with surface finish gloss health gelcoat

  • Weight

    60 Kg around (without accessories)

  • Capacity

    270 litres around (without user)

  • Colour available

    Italian white

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    Terms of safety

    Blockage of the opening and closing lever on the side positioned door, there are no sharp angles or folds or metallic parts within the tub. There is particular inclination of the seating which excludes the possibility of slipping forwards while bathing.

    The bathtub is conforming with the CE laws based on directive 93/42/CEE”

    Options available

    miscelatore termostatico vasca con porta
    sicura della porta
    riempimento svuotamento rapido
    schienale riscaldato
    impianto idromassaggio aria aria