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Linea Oceano and the world of disability: bathtub with wide side doors for the aged, the disabled and not only!

When one thinks of old people and the disabled, the first thing that comes to mind is, persons with difficulty of movement caused by various motives: 1. Sensorial disability ( persons with limited sight or hearing, partial or total) 2. Psychic disability ( persons with difficulty in relating or communicating with other people) 3. Psychic- […]

Linea Oceano bathtubs with side doors for the aged and disabled, sanitary aids and bathtub accessories for body care and hygiene.

The care and aid to the elderly and the disabled to ensure their correct personal hygiene is a problem which falls on their families or the social workers who assist them. For this reason often this aspect of life is neglected, denying the dignity and respect of those persons who already find themselves in discomfort. […]

Linea Oceano: aid, contributions and instrumental support for the families who live and assist elderly and disabled people.

As always families who assist the elderly and the disabled live in difficult situations, not only economically but facing particularly needs and limitations, which means sacrificing their own family life. The aid and continual assistance of an elderly person with health problems and limited movement within a family circle means that it is the family […]