Linea Oceano: aid, contributions and instrumental support for the families who live and assist elderly and disabled people.


As always families who assist the elderly and the disabled live in difficult situations, not only economically but facing particularly needs and limitations, which means sacrificing their own family life.

The aid and continual assistance of an elderly person with health problems and limited movement within a family circle means that it is the family itself who has to bear the impending difficulties in daily life.

The family in daily contact with the disabled or elderly person knows their needs and difficulties. That is why it is so important that the family has all the necessary support to assist physically, morally and economically one’s dear ones.

In conjunction with that has been said above the institutes , associations and companies such as Ocean line, which produce sanitary aids, consider as their main object the betterment of the quality of life of those persons in difficulty and of those who look after them.

The Lombardy region ,as an example, like many other Italian regions, does not only facilitate conditions for sanitary and social services to enable the care of the elderly or the disabled within their own homes or in well run centres, it also organized courses for the instruction of sanitary assistants or assistants allowing those persons no longer self-sufficient to continue living at home in security and well cared for.

As well as homes and social residences created for the elderly and the disabled, the regions should contribute to the costs where architectural barriers need be removed and subsidize the cost of sanitary aids.

For the assistance to those persons no longer self-sufficient in this way, families find the support and help for the care of their loved ones.

The contributions distributed for the purchase of all sanitary aids, which favour the independence of the elderly or disabled ,consent the purchase of all those sanitary props that contribute to help to find once more security and independence in daily life.

The mission of the Ocean line company is to accomplish the creation of bathtubs with side doors and accessories for the elderly and the disabled to finally provide them with the possibility of self-sufficiency and security while in the bathroom.

Thanks to their particular characteristics all the Ocean line products are classified as sanitary aids and therefore benefit from tax reductions conceded by the government and can be purchared at a reduced price via the regional contributions towards the elderly and disabled.

The care and assistance or the elderly and the disabled are much easier if the daily environment is equipped with the correct facilities.

Sanitary aids such as handless and handrails, toilets with a bidet system, washbasins studied to serve the needs of the disabled, hydro toilet brushes, tempered tilting mirrors and tubs with side doors by Ocean Line consent to those with motory difficulties to live self-sufficiently in the bathroom, to get into the tub without the risk of slipping and falling, reducing the necessity, of assistance on the part of sanitary assistance, family or home help to be able to complete one’s daily hygiene routine.

Ocean line has always paid attention to the needs of those with motory difficulties and produces various models of bathtubs with a side door to cover the very different, various needs of the elderly and disabled, guaranteeing security and selfsuffiency to both.

The models produced by Ocean line have been developed to satisfy all customers all very different in their lifestyles: from the smalls model for small bathrooms with little space ,to the angular modal for large bathrooms.

There are however some details common to all the models: the wide door which opens outwards so that movements are not restricted in any way ,the absence of dangerous sharp corners and above all ,the high quality of the materials used for the production.

Ocean line quality products at the service of the elderly the disabled and their families.

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